POV’s community mobilizing model is grounded in the ideal that community members are the experts when it comes to identifying and addressing what issues are affecting them most.

We work with community to assess the impacts of violence and oppression, map community resources, educate stakeholders and leaders, and organize call actions for change. By focusing on community and addressing the needs of communities, we can decrease the risk factors that lead to not only relationship and sexual violence, but also other forms of social justice issues like gang violence, elder abuse, and substance abuse.


Gang Reduction Youth Development

The GRYD program is a project of the Los Angeles Mayor’s Office designed to “strengthen Los Angeles communities impacted by gang violence, poverty and unemployment.”

— grydfoundation.org


Through our partnership with El Centro del Pueblo, POV provides case management for high-risk young people between the ages of 10 to 14 to break the cycles of community violence and build stronger, more resilient families.



Engaging Men

Domestic violence and sexual assault are not just women’s issues, but social injustices that affect whole families and communities.

In order to move towards a world without violence, it is imperative that men and boys and people of all genders recognize their role in ending violence against women. POV works with men and boys to question the societal pressures that contribute to a definition of masculinity that emphasizes anger, stoicism, and violence and instead redefine it to value respect, empathy, and collaboration. Young men who participate in our programs serve as ambassadors in their schools and communities to engage other men to join them in their efforts. POV also engages male leaders in the community to assist with promoting issues relating to violence against women and girls. Such influential ambassadors have included elected officials, athletes and performers.



Parents Over Violence

At POV, we believe that parents and young people can work together to prevent and end relationship and community violence.

We provide training and workshops for parents and caregivers to build their leadership skills so that they can feel empowered to advocate for their children and safer school practices. We regularly bring youth and adults together to participate in inter-generational conversations for the unique opportunity to hear each other’s experiences and plan mobilizing and organizing events together.