Peace Over Violence’s Deaf, Disabled & Elder (DDE) Services Program is committed to extending accessible services for victims of sexual and domestic violence who are deaf, hard of hearing, have a disability and/or elder individuals. We have expanded our Deaf Services program to include victims of crimes such as robbery, false imprisonment, vehicular assault, caregiver and/or hospital abuse, aggravated assault and stalking.

As a victim/survivor of sexual and/or domestic violence you have the right to survive and thrive, which means that you have the right to request everything that you need to make the transition from victim to survivor.

Peace Over Violence’s Deaf, Disabled and Elder Services provides:

  • Emergency Services

  • Trauma Informed Individual counseling

  • Educational Support Groups

  • Nonviolent Parenting

  • Hospital, Court and Law Enforcement Accompaniment

  • Legal Advocacy

  • Case Management

  • Victim Compensation Assistance

  • Shelter Referral/Advocacy

  • Personal Security Awareness and self-defense training adapted to ability

  • Professional training and consulting support to community based agencies about deaf, disabled and elder issues and services


All of Peace Over Violence’s services are available in English, Spanish & American Sign Language.


Jayne’s Story

Jayne is Deaf and also has pretty involved physical disabilities. A friend who saw that she was in need of counseling and legal advocacy referred her to Peace Over Violence. Jayne had both criminal and civil court domestic violence cases that she needed help navigating. Jayne experienced both domestic and sexual abuse by her husband. Together they have 2 daughters. Both girls live with their mother.

Jayne received Peace Over Violence Intervention services including one on one counseling, domestic violence prevention education (15 units) and nonviolent parenting education (15 units). Jayne also received legal assistance from Peace Over Violence to obtain a restraining order, divorce and custody of her 2 children.  We provided accompaniment and advocacy for court-required mediation and for all court hearings. Her divorce is final, she has custody of her children, her restraining order is in place and she is able to move forward with her life. Jayne’s counselor/advocate referred her to Five Aces Deaf Unit for counseling and support for the children. We referred her to GLAD (Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness) for assistance with other needs.



Los Angeles Office Video Phone 213.785.2684 or 213.785.2749
Pasadena Office Video Phone 626.243.7972


Demara Folk
Clinical Case Manager–Deaf, Disabled & Elder Services
Video: 213.223.7406
Fax: 213.955.9093

Peggie Reyna
Project Director–Deaf, Disabled & Elder Services
Video: 213.785.2684
Voice: 213.955.9090