At Peace Over Violence, we practice together to create a workplace environment that is supportive, kind, creative and inclusive.

The work we do is challenging and sometimes unrelenting. As an organization with a deep commitment to survivors, their families, and to healthy and safe communities, we intend to be here for the long haul. This means we need the support of each other.

We have sought to identify practices that reflect the values we hold in high esteem as we work one-on-one and one-by-one to intervene and prevent violence.


Foundational Values

Our foundational values are longstanding and fundamental to the work that we do with each other and in community. Peace Over Violence is committed to social service, social change, and social justice.

  • Survivor Centered

  • Trauma & Resiliency Informed

  • Empowerment Based

  • Prevention Oriented

  • Learning Driven

  • Volunteer Powered

Core Values

Our core values remain constant and are at the root of our work. They drive our every day service to survivors and the community one on one, one by one.

  • Integrity

  • Collaboration

  • Leadership

  • Community & Kinship

  • Generosity

  • Communication & Connection

  • Social Justice

Aspirational Values

Our aspirations drive our commitment to individual and collective betterment. 

  • Excellence

  • Inclusivity & Diversity

  • Nonviolence

  • Peace