POV Hosts First Daughter

Ashley Biden, First Daughter, visited POV’s new Metro Headquarters last week. As part of a tour of Trauma Recovery Centers, Biden met with POV and Downtown Women’s Center, our partner in our Trauma Recovery Center Program.

Research shows that few crime survivors receive the support they need to heal, and to move past the trauma they experienced: only about one in 10 people who survive a violent crime receive direct assistance from a victim service agency, and this already low number drops even lower when the crime is unreported—and more than half of all violent crimes are not. The Trauma Recovery Center (TRC) model was developed to address the needs of underserved crime survivors—people who often face the biggest barriers to accessing healing services. The TRC model is specifically designed to reach those who have fallen through the cracks of traditional support services.

As a lifelong advocate, Biden shared her passion and support for these programs and the continued efforts of organizations to address mental health services and healing.

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