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Our professional trainings cover an array of topics and can be catered to any population including businesses, law enforcement, medical professionals, and academics. Topics are listed below.

There is a fee for service for Professional Trainings. Please note, we cannot guarantee that your training request will be honored due to staff availability during the particular date and time requested. Please provide an alternative date and time at least three weeks in advance.


Trauma-based Topics

  • Advocacy and Rights of Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Victims

  • Campus Sexual Assault and Intimate Partner Violence

  • Child Sexual Abuse

  • Cultural Responsiveness

  • Deaf, Disabled, and Elder Services

  • Domestic Violence Impact on Children

  • Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Safety Planning

  • Effects of Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence on Victims

  • Impact of Domestic Violence

  • Impact of Sexual Assault

  • Intimate Partner Stalking and Resources

  • Introduction and Overview of Domestic Violence

  • Introduction and Overview of Sexual Violence

  • Legal Advocacy

  • Policy Advocacy

  • Sex Trafficking

  • Sexual Assault Impact on Male Survivors

  • The Neurobiology of Trauma and Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence

  • Vicarious Trauma/Compassion Fatigue

  • Violence Prevention Strategies

  • Working with Adolescents

  • Rape Culture and the Media

Counseling & Intervention Techniques

  • Community Resiliency Model

  • Counseling Techniques, Empowerment Model

  • Creating Accessible Services: Working with Persons Who Are Deaf/Hard of Hearing or Who Have Disabilities

  • Creating Effective Support Groups for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse and Domestic Violence

  • Cultural Responsiveness

  • De-Escalation Training and Interventions

  • Deaf, Disabled, and Elder Services

  • Interpersonal Violence Issues as Related to Persons who have Disabilities

  • Trauma Informed Care and Resiliency


  • Adapted Empowerment Self-Defense and Personal Security Awareness Training

  • Empowerment Self-Defense

  • Empowerment Self-Defense Instructor Training

  • Bystander Intervention

To request a self defense training, please click here


  • Campus Sexual Assault: Drafting, Implementing, and Enforcing No Contact Orders

  • Citizenship: Eligibility Criteria and Common Bars to Eligibility

  • Civil Legal Issues

  • Know Your Rights: What to do when Approached or Apprehended by Immigration Authorities

  • Campus Sexual Assault and Title IX remedies

  • Overview of different privilege and confidentialities for professionals/staff/advocates

  • Immigration Court: What to Expect at Hearings

  • Immigration Options: Summaries of Common Forms of Relief (English & Spanish)

  • Overview of Removal Proceedings

  • Criminal Proceedings in a Sexual Assault and a Domestic Violence Cases

  • Overview of the Divorce/Child Custody Process (English & Spanish)

  • Restraining Orders 101

  • Rights of Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Survivors Focusing on Immigrant Rights and LGBTQ Rights

  • Rights of Immigrant Victims of Crime

  • State immigration-related laws: Driver’s Licenses, Post-conviction Relief, etc.