Keesha J. Clark

Throughout this year, we will be highlighting individuals or groups that have impacted our work over the last 50 years.


Keesha J. Clark

Then: POV SART Advocate
Now: Mental Health Professional, Black Infant Health in Fresno County; Associate Therapist, Expressions Counseling Center; Owner, Born Noir, LLC

"My service at Peace Over Violence started in 2013. I came with a vague idea of what I wanted to be but not a clue of who I was destined to become. I started as a volunteer on the Crisis Hotline as a SART Advocate after a 60+ hour training. This experience inspired me to continue serving at this trailblazing organization. During the next 3 years, I would serve as a Violence Prevention Specialist, Self Defense Instructor and Intern with the amazing Patti Giggans. While an intern, I had the unbelievable opportunity to start Still I Rise, a domestic violence group for Black women at the Pasadena office. I understand that it is still going and that makes me so proud.

My time at POV was life-changing.

This organization poured into me much more than I did it, however. Each person that I met on my journey there holds a special place in my heart for always encouraging, empowering and educating me. The work was rewarding but the lessons about how to show up better in the world will remain with me. It is these lessons that have helped to shape the woman I have become. I now serve as a Mental Health Professional with the Black Infant Health program in Fresno County, an Associate Therapist with Expressions Counseling Center serving folx of color and the owner of Born Noir, LLC, a mission-driven cosmetic company celebrating Blackness. Of all the hats I wear, my absolute favorite is being a new mother to my beautiful son. And as a domestic violence survivor, I am grateful to be in a healthy and happy relationship with a wedding planned for 2022.

My time at POV was life-changing. I did a lot of growing up there. POV is always home for me and I can’t wait to return."