Clifton Trotter

Throughout this year, we will be highlighting individuals or groups that have impacted our work over the last 50 years.


Clifton Trotter

Former POV Youth Violence Specialist

My time at POV was a tremendous experience for my personal and professional growth. As a Youth Violence Specialist, I was able to take on various hats in the area of training design and development, facilitation, and program development. Some of the highlights included managing the Engaging Men Program, a program designed to recruit young males in South LA in the movement to end domestic and sexual violence through theater performance. I gained so much valuable experience in this role especially in the area of program development and leadership. 

Additionally, I co-facilitated and co-designed the DV Training for the Los Angeles Kings, which helped to hone my skills in the area of training design and delivery. Furthermore, the foundational training I received and daily interactions with staff helped to expand my breath of understanding around gender violence, helping to make me a better person and ally.

It’s worth mentioning that my understanding of equity can be attributed to the training I received from POV regarding the Roots of Violence and Gender Inequity. Currently, I’m the Equity Director of the Los Angeles Homeless Service Authority, in this role I help to develop and lead the agency’s initiatives regarding Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. I’m confident to say that my foundational learning and experience at POV helped to prepare me for this role. I can’t say enough of how beneficial POV was for my personal growth and career trajectory. I’m happy to call myself a POV alumni.

“POV is a class act organization with the power to advance movements and create future leaders.”