POV is committed to building a world in which young people are active members in the movement to end violence.

We believe that young people are not only the leaders of tomorrow, but also of today. By strengthening and building upon the innate leadership skills of young people, we can help build their resiliency so that they can grow into healthy adults. To keep in touch with our work and learn about our upcoming events, subscribe here.


Leadership Institute

The Youth Over Violence Leadership Institute prepares youth to make powerful social change in their communities.

This year marks the 10-year anniversary of our beloved Youth Over Violence Leadership Institute. Every year, Peace Over Violence has worked hard to design a summer program that aims to educate and build youth leaders by giving them the tools they need to go out into their communities to advocate for and build a world free from interpersonal violence. 

This year we have changed things up. COVID-19 created a pandemic that robbed youth of their lives - no graduation, no prom, no grades, the haunting fear of infection, death, illness. There is a collective trauma that our community is experiencing that is unlike anything that came before. There is sadness, anger, confusion, hopelessness. We hear you. 

So, instead of business as usual, we have created a new kind of youth institute with a new kind of goal. Take your anger. Take your confusion. And come work with us over the summer to learn how to channel that energy into action. Public safety and health is our top priority, so we will not be having an in-person Youth Institute. We have moved things online. Over the course of six weeks, youth are invited to participate in an array of workshops. Some of these sessions involve education, others are all about self care. You are welcome to participate in everything OR you can just drop in when you feel like it. This program is made to work for you, wherever you are at. Each participant is eligible for stipends (cash moneyyyy) any time they participate. The more you participate, the more you earn. Each participant who chooses to commit to the full program (six weeks), will be eligible for stipends AND a care package that will be shipped to you upon acceptance into the program. Internship tracks include: Community Organizing for Justice, Radio/Social Media Development, and Creative Writing (more pending confirmation). 

Whatever your level of interest, please fill out the application below. We look forward to meeting you! Youth in South LA and Pico Union are strongly urged to apply, although all youth are eligible.

Start date: July 6th, 2020
End date: August 13th, 2020

Applications for 2020 Leadership Institute are now closed. For news and updates from Youth Over Violence, please subscribe.



Students Together Organizing Peace (STOP)

STOP Clubs are youth-led leadership clubs supported by POV staff.

STOP Clubs create a space for young people to practice their leadership skills and provide peer to peer education in their schools. Over the course of the school year, STOP Club members plan and host educational events and activities to bust myths about sexual violence and teen dating violence and empower bystander accountability.